English Speaking
Social Club Uster

Bildungszentrum BZU
Krämerackerstr. 15

8610 Uster


The Highlanders English Speaking Social Club Uster is independent of religion and politics and is defined as an association in accordance with Paragraph 60ff of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB), based in Uster.


The Club organises events in English, provides the necessary infrastructure and compiles a quarterly programme.


The Club is financed by fees from basic members, guests and donations. The amount of the fees will be determined at the General Meeting.


Members of the Club are the elected Committee members. Basic Members are eligible for the Committee and are elected by the General Meeting.

Resignations are possible at any time but should give the Committee sufficient notice.


The Club shall be administered by:

The General Meeting



Annual General Meeting

The AGM shall conduct the following business:

Election of the President

Election of the remaining Committee Members

Election of auditor/auditors

Approval of the minutes of the last AGM

the treasurer’s report, the report and motions of the auditors

the president’s report

Fixing the budget

membership fees and guest fees

The Annual General Meeting is usually held in the first quarter of the Club year.

Extraordinary General Meeting

An extraordinary General Meeting can be called by the committee if urgent matters arise or if at least one fifth of the members request this meeting in writing.

Information for the Basic Members

The Basic Members will be informed of the current business and finances in suitable form.


The Committee comprises a minimum of three members who are elected at the General Meeting. The Committee can constitute themselves.


The auditors must not be members of the Committee. They audit the treasurer’s financial statement and present their report and motions at the General Meeting.

Financial Year

The financial year is the period from 1 January to 31 December.

Period of Office

The elected officers hold office for at least one year.


Only the Club’s assets are liable for debt entered into by the Club.

Amendments to the Rules or Dissolution of the Club

Amendments to the Rules or dissolution of the Club must be agreed upon by the majority of the Committee. In the event of dissolution the majority of Committee members shall decide on the further use of the Club’s funds.

These Rules were approved at the General Meeting of 17 February 2014. They replace the previous rules dated 30 August 2011.

Uster, February 17, 2014

The President / The Secretary

Verena Wüthrich / Sue Kliebenschädel