Fascinating Yemen:
A Treasury of Cultural and Architectural
Highlights in an Oriental Atmosphere
Christa Morf shares some of her impressions, pictures and experiences with us.
8th May 2009, 19.45h
BZU Uster, room 229
Born in Zurich in 1942, passed most of the school years in Winterthur, worked as a primary-school-teacher for 4 years, family years (two children), first in Lake of Geneva region then in Greifensee, worked at the local library.

Since 1976 living in Wiesendangen, giving private lessons to kids and working at the local library and for the district library board, now retired. Busy with house and garden, hobbies and travelling.

Hating to pack but loving to travel. Travels: Two stays in USA with family for 7 months, and travels within Europe, in the last 10 years mostly Asia China, Burma, Himalayan States, Uzbekistan etc) and Europe, mostly Sweden, where my daughter lives. Sister in law of Henry.


Shibam, Wadi Hadramout