Old planes, people and landscapes along the Panamericana by
Nicky Scherrer
28 March 2008

Over 190 colour photos depict historic propliners and geriatric jets from Alaska to Chile, providing a means of transport to inaccessible regions.

Shown mainly are Central and South American images of still active C-46s, DC-3s, DC-4s, DC-6s, a CC-10 Yukon, Convairs, Electras, early Boeing 707s, 720s and 727s, DC-8s and DC-9s.

Since the Conference of American States in 1923 there have been plans to build a Pan-American Highway - a continuous roadway running the full 25,800km (16,000 mi) from Alaska to the bottom of Chile.

Now, all but 88km (54mi) are complete, so aside from a time-consuming detour, it's possible to drive from above the Arctic Circle down to Puerto Montt, nearly 1000km (600mi) south of Santiago, Chile.

The road cuts through pretty much every kind of geography and climate possible, so make sure your vehicle, clothing and state of mind are all-terrain.