MAY 23, 2014

Thea Peterhans gives us some practical advice. Meeting (ready for walking in functional sportswear) near Barzloo football field, Pfäffikon ZH at 7 pm.

Nordic Walking - an excellent body training

Equipped with a pair of NW-poles, we are going to train our body by activating the main muscle groups: from calves to the thighs to the abdominals, the arms, shoulders and the neck. During one and a half hours we will have a good workout and a lot of fun!

Thea Peterhans, Nordic Walking Instructor esa
Separate Information:

Functional Sportswear:

Jogging trousers or the likes (Jeans are too stiff, if they're not stretchy)

Running shoes or Trekking shoes (not boots!) The shoes need soft soles.

If necessary protection against rain (no hood, baseball cap is better)

Poles will be offered; if you have your own, take them along, but put down your height anyway.

After the training session we will be able to go to the "Barzloo Stübli" for a drink.