Dr. Hermann Escher talks about Japan yesterday, today and tomorrow
October 2011
How did Japan manage to rise from the ashes of World War II to one of the most successful countries?

Where does Japan stand today?

What lies ahead considering i.e. demographic aspects, changes of the political and economic landscape in East Asia and the tragic events of 11 March 2011?

These are the main issues the talk of 7 October 2011 will address.

Hermann Escher
holds a MSc and a PhD in geography from Zurich University. After a career with the Swiss ODA Program including a posting in Dhaka, Bangladesh, he was in charge of the Swiss economic support program in favor of Central and Eastern European countries. In 1994 he was appointed to the Board of the Asian Development Bank in Manila representing a group of European countries. From 1996 to 2007 he was posted at the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo in charge of economy, finance and bilateral trade. Since his return to Switzerland he is a lecturer at the University of Zurich.