How young children explore nature
with Anouk Kummer-Wehli

Anouk is an outdoor educator, working mainly with pre-KG children (3-5 years old) in the woods. She founded Wald Kids, a bilingual outdoor preschool to meet the needs of her children, expats in Zürich and overseas Swiss. Today, Wald Kids caters to neighbourhood families and other families living in canton Zürich.

Anouk has three children: Desmond (9), Ethan (7) and Kyla (1). Being a young mother was the most educational journey she has taken so far, applying knowledge gained both in her personal and professional lives wherever she can. She looks forward to another few years in the woods.

Wald Kids was born out of lack of space. They couldn’t find a room to start their own indoor playgroup, so they decided to go into the woods, a concept new to Anouk back then. 7 years later, many seasons and children have come and gone, but Anouk continues to venture out with the children to see what each morning has to offer, because nature is unpredictable and the best place to learn about life.

Find out more about what children do when outside in nature and what Anouk has learned about being an outdoor educator.