The Berlin Airlift 1948

A Western victory in the Cold War remembered by John Gysin
13th February 2009

Berlin Blockade and Airlift 1948 - In the Summer 1948 the Russians blockaded Berlin and refused land access from the Western zones. The maintenance of Berlin was accomplished solely by air in what was termed as the Berlin Airlift.
The victorious Allies of World War II divided Germany into occupation zones: the American, French, and British zones in the west and a Soviet zone in the east. Within the Soviet zone lay Berlin, formerly Hitlerís capital, also divided into four sectors, each administered by one of the wartime allies.

The only guaranteed means of access to isolated Berlin was by air. The Soviet Union had granted each of the three Western Allies a 20-mile-wide air corridor leading from their respective occupation zones to the city; but no such arrangement governed travel by road or rail--that depended upon the continuing cooperation of Soviet authorities.