The Highlanders‘ Linguist Club together with the SwissJazzOrama present:

1909–2009: 100 YEARS
Benny Goodman
Exhibition and Movies

January 22, 2010, 7.30p.m.
At Musikcontainer,
Asylstrasse 10, Uster

He was born on May 30, 1909; he died on June 13, 1986. So he would have reached his 100th birthday this year: Benny Goodman, this exceptional personality in jazz history.

This is indeed a good reason for the SwissJazzOrama to honor him with an extensive exhibition.

During the era of segregation Benny Goodman was successfully leading a racially integrated orchestra performing in public.

Also as a musician he was a perfectionist who played the clarinet in his own distinctive style which, for decades, influenced musicians.

His mastery even enabled him to perfectly interpret the most difficult pieces of classical music.

The exhibition consists of around three dozen panels, completed with sound examples and movie clips.

The SwissJazzOrama invites us to a Benny Goodman evening with a welcome drink, a guided tour of the exhibition, movie clips and the opportunity for discussions with musicians.

Join your club for this beautiful event. Members of the Club enjoy free entrance.

Guests pay CHF 10.-.

Included are the welcome drink, the tour and the presentations.

The program will end at about 10p.m. You can even afterwards sit together with the musicians of the SwissJazzOrama for some discussions and enjoy another drink (at your own cost) at the bar that’s going to remain open for a while.

Parking space near the Musikcontainer is limited; please use Parkhaus Oberlandstrasse; via the footpath it’s a 5-minute walk only (see map).

From Parkhaus Oberlandstrasse to the Musikcontainer: