The Future as Seen in the Fifties
Vision vs. Reality shown by Fred Krähenbühl
7th November 2008

On a few visions since the middle of the last century many will remember and what’s visible of them today. On some dreams of today and what we hope to see in the future and what we would prefer not to see.

You will be invited to contribute your own insight into each of the topics presented as well as to show evidence of the dreams that impressed you most and those that do it today.

  The cover page of ‘Hobby’ for November 1955. Most documentation comes from a pile of copies of the fifties of the last century

Remember October 4, 1957 ?
Heat Pump
A vision of the fifties that you can’t think away any more from our today’s life.

Scientists looking to screens on the day of the first of CERN’s new LHC (Large Hydron Collider)

Understanding Intelligence
One of the most interesting new visions into the future of mankind

Brave new world!