Tell us about your favourite haunts, e.g. hikes, museums, restaurants etc.

A list of ideas collected on Friday 5th June 2015

Zürich Highlands
• Pfäffikon: hire a boat, swimming at Badi Seegräben, maybe someone wants to swim back to Pfäffikon_gs
• Lützelsee or Egelsee(swimming and walking around/storks)_mf
• Roslinli, from Pfäffikon via Hittnau or Kämtner Tobel_aw
• Botanical Garden Grüningen, free Sunday guided tours_aw
• Silberweid-Mönchaltorf

Tösstal / Wald
• Atzmännig to Kreuzegg (on foot 2h)_fk
• Steamtrain from Hinwil to Bauma_fk
• Höhenklinik Wald via Oberhold and Sagiraintobel to Wald (2 ½ h)_vw
• Walk or cycle along the Töss from Saland_mf

Around Winterthur
• Eschenberg: Turm und Tierpark Bruderhaus (on foot or public transport)_vw
• Kyburg
• Brütten: Gardencafé Blätz Wisen(open Fr/Sat/Su from 12.30 to 18.30)_mf
• Winterthur Wülflingen: the vineyards, the Schloss W. for drink/food_mf
• Ruine Wülfingen and Totetäli_ab

• Rüedlingen-Ellikon a.d.Thur: walk along the Rhein, take a ferry at Ellikon (Restaurants), enjoy renaturated landscape and spot traces of beaver and the nature centre near Flaach / walk to Tössegg and back by boat to Buchberg_ab
• Rheinfall from both sides

• Türlersee or Seleger Moor_lh

City of Zürich and around
• Wall paintings by A. Giacometti in the entrance hall of the Polizeiwache opposite the Urania (ID needed)_eb
• Josefwiese. playground&park_js
• Katzensee (playground, restaurant, "Bäsebeiz")_lh
• Rüschlikon. Park im Grünen with kids
• Volketswil, Chriesbaum playground
• Elefantenbach, Robinson playground, Loorenkopf-Aussichtsturm (on foot, public transport to Schleife via Schwerzenbach)_vw
• Boattrip from Zürich to Rapperswil or back. Have lunch on the boat
• Üetliberg-Felsenegg(cablecar)-Sihltalbahn: Wildpark Höfli-Wildlife park Langenberg-Bus to Thalwil(Etzliberg:restaurant with a view)-Boart to Zürich or Rapperswil_kb/vw

• Art on Ice in February
• Theater 11 / Oerlikon: Concert Peter, Sue & Marc (the new formation) _fk

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