Myriam Wunderli gives us a guided tour starting at 7.30 pm, Wildbachstr. 2, Hinwil. Limited numbers so please put your name down.

Waste as raw material and energy

A modern waste incinerator like KEZO Hinwil has today not only the task of burning waste. As well as producing energy, the treatment of ash is becoming more important. The ash contains metal, precious metal or rare earths which are our recyclable and raw materials of the future.

KEZO makes an important contribution to the Swiss energy and resource policy and is a worldwide pioneer in the field of bottom ash treatment.

Myriam Wunderli, originally a grammar school teacher and, as career changer, she is in charge of the visitors to the KEZO and is responsible for schoolchildren, adults, scientists, engineers and politicians from all over the world. Her duties include teaching environment awareness, working with schools and public relations.

Following topics will be raised:

• Waste situation past and present
• What does the waste consist of?
• How can ash be turned into recyclable materials?
• What does urban mining mean in a modern waste incinerator?
• What can the individual do in everyday life?

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