Lessons along the path of life from Aradhna Sethi

Author of "The Entrepreneur's Wife: A Survival Guide" Aradhna Sethi hails from Chandigarh - the first 'planned city' of India. A city that was planned by Swiss architect Le Corbusier. After completing her education and working as a journalist in Mumbai for 5 years, she met and married the man of her dreams - and moved to Switzerland. Little did she realize through her 27 years in India that she would make her home in the country of the architect who designed her place of birth!

A wife, mother, financial partner, a mini entrepreneur herself, she is perched perpetually on a carrousel of life, handling challenges, taking the rough with the smooth, and rotating through enriching life experiences.

Aradhna debuted as an author in 2016 with her first novel about a young newly-wed, whose entire life and learnings develop and change as she moves across continents, crosses language and cultural borders and traipses in and through the multiple roles that life brings to her.

The novel can loosely be considered on the lines of "chicken soup for the soul" as there are take-aways. Dashes of humour, immense and intense emotion, desires, wants and the battle within and outside of self, temper the book with a unique flavour that touches the lives of the readers.

"The Entrepreneur's Wife: A Survival Guide" brings a touch of humanity, a carefree attitude, intense emotions and a sense of involvement in the making, breaking and resurrection of 'The Entrepreneur's Wife'.

The book is available as an E-Book and in Print formats on Amazon.

Read her blog at: http://aradhnasethi.wordpress.com

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