Lorenz Kaufmann, personal trainer, shows us tricks & techniques to stay healthy

About my knowledge and interests I offer you key centers for understanding the influence of movement in the hormonal environment and their effects. Also the importance of essential ingredients of nutrition and all their possibilities to equilibrate body, mental health from the physical perspective. To complete the physical part I integrate some knowledge of biomechanics, stimulants and regeneration in all ages.

Not to forget the importance of social factors like self understanding from the prospective of consciousness and mind, social empathy and reflecting subjectively. This speech will be interacting with the listeners and can be deepened at another time. The goal of the speech is activating of enthusiasm and understanding the process of it and their side effects. All profound knowledge of physical balance will be explained basically and tolerant to every movement form.

To your advantage we have the option to give direction in the need of members, all in the service of health balance and evenness.